Do U Nable Pts 2 Snd Txts?

We love our texting.

If your hospital or HIT firm doesn't already have a fully 'txt' friendly communication stream, have your team perform a comprehensive audit - what scheduling, appointment, followup and other reminders could be sent to patients via text message?

I won't even get into the picture messaging debate here, but I will tell you the last time I had ankle surgery I snapped a photo of my stitches with my Blackberry camera and yep, emailed it to some family members.

Oh, and the next developer you hire should have experience developing mobile apps...don't have a developer on staff? Mistake numero uno.

If you think people my age are the only ones using the web and mobile tech for health, you're wrong. I've spoken with two Health 2.0 CEOs this week who cite their average user is in their mid-50's.

Health tech, health texting - it's not just for the Guitar Hero health generation.

ADDITION: Link to great resources from Stanford's Texting for Health events here. Hat tip to @zorgbeheer on Twitter.

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