Top Gun Hospital Program Brings New Meaning to the Phrase "Frequent Flyer"

Provena Health hospitals are learning 'top flight' maneuvers from LifeWings Partners LLC, headed by former TopGun instructor Stephen Harden.

Click here to read coverage by Leslie Mann for the Chicago Tribune.

The 3 year old company is building an impressive roster - they've already worked with 75 H/HC facilities.

Provena service line administrator Joan Cappelletti says the LifeWings method is useful "when her department has shift changes or when a patient is moved from one area to another, such as from an operating to a recovery room."

LifeWings' website claims use of the system can help hospitals realize a host of benefits:

Here's some more info on reducing wrong-site surgeries.

The given figures for reducing nursing staff turnover are even more incredible - ICU turnovers reduced by 23 and 35 percent?

Where can I see these guys in action?!

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