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In the course of reading blogs (largely devoted to HIT, IT, and hospital/healthcare), I've come across some great resources.

With the exception of Grand Rounds, who knows when I might have happened upon these publications, so a big gracias to fellow bloggers for sharing sources.

I save time by reading respective e-newsletters - for some reason I don't feel guilty skimming these and filing articles when appropriate, but if I receive an actual hard copy magazine I'm tempted to read the whole thing in one sitting.

Here are some top picks:

1. CIO Magazine. Drop any apprehension you may feel about the title. Their CIO Insider e-newsletter is packed chock-full of approachable, useful, entertaining, and controversial copy. Plus, some of the best integration of tech news into overall strategy around.

2. Grand Rounds. A rotating summary of blog entries centered around a topic chosen by the blog 'host.' Should be on every healthcare bloggers list (to read AND contribute). Last edition here at Diabetes Mine. Submissions for next edition due to David Harlowe's HealthBlawg - click here for guidelines.

3. Wired Magazine. The coolest. That is all.

4. Associations Now Magazine. Published by The Center for Association Leadership. Great features, crisp editing - features are useful, easy to read, and represent a wide variety of disciplines.

I've also linked to FierceHealthcare numerous times. I've been a reader since the pub started a few years back and the quality is top-notch. A daily must-read. But parent publisher FierceMarkets also has good Sarbox, Pharma, and Biotech pubs.

For more outside the box news, try VentureBeat and NRFSmartbrief, covering venture capital (heavy on Silicon Valley tech) and retail, respectively.

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