Someone's Listening to Nurses...

Finally. What a state - the birthplace of Starbucks and nursing staffing consensus. Washington is looking great!

With a mom who's an RN and a MIL who's an LPN, I know this Washington State initiative (coverage by Fierce Healthcare) is just a damn good idea in theory.

Of course, many ideas are great in theory - it's that pesky practice part that's tricky.

Washington, however, has the benefit of a dispute resolution group on their side. I'd love to find out the name of that group - anyone got an inside track?

Let's see if Washington Governor Chris Gregoire manages to make her commitment to support nurses stick. Read great seattlepi.com coverage of the Washington State Hospital Association and nursing groups' agreement here.

The move to establish a state repository for best practice safety and quality information is particularly interesting - putting the significant wisdom of nursing crowds to work makes a whole lot of sense.

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