"Don't Smoke" Health Warnings - Dutch Style

No, I don't smoke (except for the occasional cigar) - I was picking up litter around the neighborhood this week when I saw this cigarette pack.

Normally I don't really pay attention to trash, but when I grabbed this I had to slow down to read the box (this one's for you WhiteCoat).

Now, if you saw this on a pack of cigarettes, you might think twice before indulging.

But it's the warning on the back of the box that really grabs your attention (especially if you're of the XY chromosomal variety)...

There you have it folks. Don't smoke, or suffer the (severe!) consequences.

Now, if only they would put similar warnings on McBypass Burgers...

PS - Notice the brand name? L&M Quality American Blend - coincidence, or stroke of evil marketing genius?

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