Healthcare Transparency: Take a Page from Safeway Playbook

If the grocery industry can do it, so can we...(Washington Post)

Safeway lets you count calories - online - on items purchased with your Club Card.

The FoodFlex program will also recommend healthier choices if you pick up, say, five pints of Ben & Jerry's in a week.

Now, I don't expect Safeway will become every woman's personal nutritionist (although I'll be shopping there more often when Stateside), but I do see all sorts of interesting implications in the program...namely that the store is going direct to the consumer.

And the program brilliantly encourages me to be a more loyal customer by giving me access to something I want - information that will help me achieve my personal wellness goals.

Safeway takes a big step in facilitating personal management of our caloric intake by providing nutrition information based on purchasing behavior. Draw your own parallels to the hospital industry.

Get more info from Safeway here. Sign up for FoodFlex here.

Docs, consumers, see anything you like? Maybe we're drawing closer to a transparent era of integrated health management after all...

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