Connecting Mobile Tech, mHealth, and Startups - Why I Moved to Silicon Valley

In the past 3 years, presenters at Under the Radar have gone on to raise over $1.36 Billion! Other knock-your-socks-off stats from the show:

  • 49% have gone on to raise funding or be acquired
  • 14% have been acquired by companies such as Google, eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo and Cisco
  • $14 Million average has been raised by presenting companies.

From: "Mobile Innovation Flies “Under the Radar” Nov 19th | Software Testing Blog."

Here's why I've been flying 'under the radar' lately...

Day gig = Dealmaker Media Geek in Residence (w00t!), working on events for developers and engineers who have the potential to take their code from product to company (new).

Day gig = supports 'passion project' Contagion Health.

Evening/weekend gig = Illness is viral. Health can be contagious too.

mHealth applications, a game for patient education in spec, and a consumer health platform in design. Oh yeah. If I don't return your call or email, this would be the reason.

As some very smart Stanford CS grad once told me, "most tech founders have day jobs." I sure hope he wasn't patronizing me...:)

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