Apple and Epic, Sitting in a Tree...

We'd heard the rumors that Apple was working to take advantage of the fact that so many physicians have spent their own money on iPhones. We knew that Apple had convened a meeting among a number of healthcare software companies in Chicago a month or two ago. Now, courtesy of The Medical Quack blog, we learn that the company has turned to its Silicon Valley base--Stanford Hospital and Clinics--to test a mobile version of the Epic Systems EHR.

From: "Apple, Epic Systems teaming up on mobile EHR trial at Stanford - FierceMobileHealthcare."

I would guess Apple is doing a deal with Epic here not because they believe Epic will particularly solve the EHR problem, but to gather intel for a future healthcare offering.

Apple is the new AT&T, the new tech industrial tycoon. Why *wouldn't* they get into healthcare?

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