Sower&Seed - Starting an Eco-Mow Biz in Blacksburg, VA

Who says all new startups have be hightech?

My brother-in-law Jon Bluey just started his new human-powered mowing co. near Virginia Tech.

Sister Kate is helping with some of the business arrangements, legal docs, reg, etc.

I'm trying NOT to consult :).

Jon's not the first in the family to do the outdoors thing.

Uncle Craig's got Ruppert Landscape (and Nurseries, and Properties, and Ventures).

Cousins Char and Soph and Julie Ruppert have Ruppert Sisters Pumpkins.

And who could forget the McRuppert cousins early lemonade ventures ("add more water! That'll make it last longer!") and charging $0.25 per person for admission to basement talent shows we ran with a keyboard, 'costumes,' and poor attempts at cartwheels (thank God there was no YouTube back then).

We didn't seem to care that we always had to rope the family into coming with fancy flyers, sweet smiles, and arm-tugging, and we got very, very good at it.

Earlier this year I asked my Uncle Craig whether entrepreneurs are born or made. "Born" he said.

Me: "Ok, then how do you know if you are one?"

Craig thought a minute: "You're an entrepreneur if you'll do anything to succeed."

Welcome to the wide world of owning your own time Jon, where managing your own trajectory becomes the sum and total of your work. (Also, wave bye bye to naptime!)

May many lawns await you...

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