HealthCampBoston Review, Going Veggie!

Check out this website I found at katemgilbert.com

Thanks Kate for the great HealthCampBoston writeup!

If you're the health/tech type who's not on Twitter (gasp!) or prefer to read event-related tweetstreams in aggregate, check out the great conversations from HealthCampBoston by searching for #HCBOS.

My favorite session? Of course I can't pick one, so grand prize is a two way tie between @healthblawg and @lostonroute66/@mikekirkwood.

@healthblawg talked about HIPAA, social media, PHRs, updated legislation and requirements as a result of ARRA and HITECH (read: stimulus bill, $), and all things ridiculously over-interpreted in healthcare.

Excellent audience comments, questions by @rdale and @williamcrawford. Plenty of heckling from @lostonroute66 and I, cozied up with our Macs in the front row.

Just after the @polarwisdom case study (which gets more and more difficult each time I do it rather than easier due to some super-charged subject matter), @lostonroute66 present the NIH's kick-a%$ pillfinder app, which is in semi-stealth beta.

This baby is a BEAUT.

David's put in the time, effort, money, and research to make this one some of the juiciest HIT I've seen in quite awhile. He wants to bust out an open API after finishing development. They're looking for funding, so if you're a VC (or know one) ping me and I'll put you in touch, or tweet @lostonroute66.

After David's presentation, Polka.com's @mikekirkwood did an interactive session, where he asked the audience how they could see this being used. The semi-service design brainstorm yielded some very interesting suggestions, including matching pill color to the Pantone deck (from @christinekraft).

Excuse my relative lack of verbosity - this week is packed with chewy health innovation goodness. Posting language may be a bit terse and parsed because lots of glial power is going towards after-convention mumbo jumbo with @epatientdave, @carlosrizo, et. al.

Today Health 2.0 begins. My schedule kicks off with a limited edition Hello Health/Myca Deep Dive lunch, which I hope has vegetarian options.

See, I'm at healthcare events. All. The. Time.

And, ironically, they're usually really unhealthy times. Lots of caffeine, very little sleep, not enough water, high stress, junk food, and that's not counting the happy hour(s).

Today's Earth Day, and I suck at recycling. What does this have to do with healthcare, or HealthCampBoston? I'm trying to save the planet, but figured I'd make a pledge. I'll be taking more aggressive steps to protect my personal biosphere.

That means step 1 - more sleep. Got 6 hours last night, but I'm going to catch a 30 min catnap before heading over the #health2con shindig.

Step 2 is the go big or go home goal though - I'm going vegetarian. I rarely eat meat, so this is far less of a sacrifice than it may seem. I'll continue to ingest milk, cheese, eggs (mostly egg whites) and shellfish.

It's Health 2.0 time, people. Instead of just sitting around nodding your heads at the latest brilliant utterances and concepts, what will YOUR health, version 2.0, look like?

Mine just got a whole lot greener.

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