YES. We Can.

President Obama - congratulations.

If you need an international healthcare team focused on innovation, we're already assembling one on Twitter.

I donated to the campaign. I was at your speech at Manassas. I'll be here commenting on your policy. I'll be here - fired up. Ready to go. So will many others on Twitter. 


Lee Sherry said...

I did not have your email, so I thought I could reach you this way...

My name is Lee Sherry and I work in the web marketing department at Medical Scrubs Mall.

Our Nursing uniforms and hospital scrubs site offers many brand name nursing scrubs to medical and hospital professionals at discount prices. I wanted to get in touch to see if we could possibly do some cross-promotion over the web. I'm hoping that you've got some time to schedule a chat on the phone this week about your website and possibly getting an advertising placement, link or an unbiased interview of some kind for http://www.medicalscrubsmall.com on it.

Let me know if this is something that can work for you – Medical Scrubs Mall would love to reciprocate by sending some of our site visitors your way as well. You can reach me anytime over email or at 954-626-2145.



Jen McCabe Gorman said...

Thanks for the offer Lee, but I don't accept any advertising gigs on Health Management Rx (see disclaimer panel at left).

I'm familiar with the company, respect and admire your product, so am flattered. Thanks!

Anne said...

Fired up, ready to go! If you need a nursing representative from the poverty medicine/public health/healthcare for the homeless sector, I'll be there.

Love you, Jen. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...


shepdc said...

so... um.... does this mean that you and i were in the same crowd of 90,000 on election eve? and i didn't get to see you? criminal.