7 Ways Healthcare Will Surprise You Next Year - Part IV

Let's finish up this tweetsourced series on a positive note, with Chris Hogg's 7 hopes for healthcare (verbatim):

great question. i dont know if these are really surprises, but things i think (or hope for some) might happen

- unfortunately, it will get significantly less attention from new administration than we hope/expect, due to other 'more pressing' commitments

- significant increase in applications developed on google health / microsoft healthvault platforms, with some of them actually being useful, although funding will become increasingly difficult for these startups. significant increase in press for these platforms/applications

- first hint at what the killer app will be for google health / microsoft healthvault platforms, although it will not yet be widely adopted (is this the first view of what the 'trunk' might be?)

- restriction barring Medicare from negotiating prices with Part D plans will be lifted, with dramatic impact on pharmaceutical company stock prices, but benefit to overall health industry

- significant consolidation in biotech / pharma landscape, with multiple biotechs going bankrupt / acquired in weak cash positions

-may see a minor (or regional) health plan fail under pressure from increasing HC costs and decreasing reimbursement (with a sprinkle of bad management), but this would create a big scare for insurers

-one major CLINICAL advance in personalized medicine. i hope it will be approval of Nuvelo/ARCA's heart failure drug, or Vanda or PGx Health approval of PGx drug for CNS. if it happens, should get a lot of press.

Best Regards!
Chris Hogg

Thanks Chris! Later this week we'll explore platforms in more detail (aka the 'tree trunk').

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