7 Ways Healthcare Will Surprise You Next Year - Part II

Part deux in our series of crowdsourced "ways healthcare will surprise you next year" provided by CTO @ Healthways) who views his mission in life as pointing out the obvious.

Scott's not afraid to tackle the issue of carrot/stick incentivization head on...

Via email Scott shared his belief that next year we'll see organizations penalizing staffers for NOT making healthier choices.

Reverse incentivization rears its ugly head in 2009? Do you agree? Disagree?

Predictions from Scott:

"Employers get serious about outcomes.

Stop using incentives as merely "carrot and stick" to get people to enroll and engage in programs, and start using them for what they really should be: value for cost.

It's not enough to offer an incentive for a member to join the wellness program, or even to get that A1c checked

If you tracked outcomes from your programs in a meaningful way, then you can start to adjust payment for said outcomes.

Value for cost. I will pay more for a positive outcome than just performing a test.

What was the RESULT of that A1c test? Did it get better than the last one? HURRAY! Here's $100. Keep on keepin on. If not, then maybe your premium contribution is going up $200 next year.

The point being that it should hurt your
pocket book now if you're not going to be actively engaged in managing and improving your health status.

Not defer that financial pain 20 years from now, when it's more likely to impact many more stakeholders.

Just my $.02."


Scott, thank you - worth a lot more than .02 cents.

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What can i say, those listed above are true..I hope Obama's administration will help solve this problems arising on health insurance issues..