Legislating HIT: Pelosi's Got the Bit Between Her Teeth

Sometimes being prescient really sucks.

Forget yesterday's iceberg ahead warning.

You don't have 3 years to get a govt. affairs staffer, hire a lobbyist, and start calling the hell out of your congressional reps.

You have 3 months before Nancy really gets going on HIT legislation like HR 6898.

Happy holidays.


e-Patient Dave said...

So Jen, educate me. I'm not aware of what the problem is here - start me out. (I'm not in favor of anything - I'm fresh and ignorant.)

Jen McCabe Gorman said...

Dave -

This is a challenging bill for many reasons.

While I prefer to refer you to outside sources if at all possible (so you don't just swallow my biased view) I haven't seen much coverage, so can only recommend you start here at HMRx with this coverage (I did read the entire bill, but am not a lawyer or legal eagle, so take this with a grain of salt the size of the former USSR).

Link to original coverage:

Link to secondary post coverage (with link to Bob Coffield's excellent review): http://healthmgmtrx.blogspot.com/2008/10/hr-6898-your-call-to-get-off-proverbial.html