Patient Perspective: What I Want to Wear in the Hospital...

Click here to read about snuggly, single-use Bair Paws gowns...mmmm!

No more alienating my nurses by requesting 50 layers of heated blankets fresh from the warmer...for those of you who've been under general anesthesia you know there's almost nothing worse than waking up feeling like you've emerged from surgery in the middle of the next Ice Age.

From the press release on eMediaWire.com (and if you're not using eMediaWire, well, what's your excuse?):

"Using a handheld controller, patients can adjust the temperature either warmer or cooler, depending on their personal preference.

Just the fact that we prewarm every patient ensures the speediest recovery we can give them,” said Leslie Decker, O.R. Supervisor at the Surgery Center on Soncy in Amarillo, Texas.

“They’ve been prewarmed with the Bair Paws System in pre-op and we keep them warm during the surgical procedure with it.

With its clinical capabilities, the Bair Paws warming unit offers prewarming benefits before surgery and can also be used for comfort warming in both pre- and post-op settings. In addition, the gown is fully compatible with Arizant’s Bair Hugger warming units for the demanding clinical needs of the OR and recovery."

If parent company Arizant Healthcare Inc. is publicly traded I'll be looking into buying more than their blankets...

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