Hospital Administrators: Required Reading

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This innovative management piece by Gary Hammell and Lowell Bryan is a MUST read.

Without a doubt, it's the best coverage on today's innovation challenges (and how to actually prioritize, plan, test, retest, and roll out) I've seen.

Read the article and then examine how your organization is harnessing the wisdom of crowds by tapping into invididual, non-exec talent.

Hint: If the answer is "I don't know," you'll need more help than this article...

When I was an analyst/consultant for a startup think tank, in our early stages we were all 'home' based telecommuters who communicated via email and Instant Messenger.

IM allowed for the instantaneous sharing of ideas, the speed of our 'conversations' and decision-making time-limited only by how fast we could type.

Did we waste time chatting? Sure - just like we sometimes do in the office environs. Did we save time bouncing ideas off each other? Of course.

We saved so much time, in fact, that analysts were able to do things like complete 40 page best practice studies in 3 days....imagine the revenue per employee in that firm.

One metric I used to track performance informally was whether each employee made back their salary each year, failed to generate their own paychecks, or blew the payscale out of the water with the funds they brought in (either via research that gained us new members or selling the concept of our services to new members).

If you had to break revenues generated per employee, how would you do it? Is it an impossible task in our market?

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