Best Practices: Best Buy Mgmt/Corp. Employees Work Anywhere

If you want to find really innovative best practices, it's often best to venture outside your own backyard.

You can pull plenty from other industries (witness the rise of "Disney" hospital programs and "lean" consultants who palm off kaizen platitudes).

The hot electronics retailer has established a ROWE - Results Only Work Environment - reports workforce.com.

Some staff (the firm is trying to figure out how to make this work with shift salespeople) can set their own hours. Even meetings are virtual.

For Best Buy, it's no longer about the rigorous, repeatable schedule - it's about what gets done.

Is counting the minutes of collective 'company time' as important as what we do for the company?

If the answer is no, doesn't it make sense we can work anywhere as long as we turn in a top-notch performance?

From the slant of my comment (and the fact that I successfully telecommuted and kept a virtual office for over a year) you can probably tell where I stand...but what do you think?

Is a results-only policy idealistic, realistic, or a little bit of both?

Of course, size and organizational complexity will greatly influence whether or not some employees can work offsite...if you have a large corporate HQ these staffers can more realistically work from anywhere than if you're a small community acute care facility with a relatively flat exec team.

But the question is still worth asking: could a similar strategy work in the hospital/healthcare setting?

Not yet - we're so behind the tech revolution that we'd be hard pressed to operate in a virtual world without physical constraints.

Even if hospitals were interested in transitioning to some part time/hourly telecommuters or 'consultant' positions, how would they start?

The good news is that there's a logical genesis...with a total transition to EMRs/EHRs, your Medical Records, coders, billers, etc. could all work from anywhere as long as connections were secured and files backed up using an outsourced provider like Carbonite (or back up files using onsite servicers, wherever they're hosted).

Challenge of the week: If you had to put a plan to move 10 percent of your workforce to telecommuting in the next annual plan, how would you do it? Bonus points if you can figure out how to move 25% ...

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