Netherlands in the News: Rotterdam Here I Come...

There are times in life when you finally, FINALLY seem to be chugging merrily along, right on track with the goals you've set.

But just as you're patting yourself on the back for steering so brilliantly, God throws you one hell of a curveball.

Here I am, happily cozied up in DC with a rewarding job, challenging volunteer service for several nonprofits and Boards, plenty of interesting schmoozy-type events to go to, and damned if I didn't just find a really great Italian place.

Whammo...husband's contractor secures wonderful new positions in....drumroll please...The Netherlands.

And seriously - I've just finished the oh-so-fun application for an MHSA grad program at a great school, and have been happily daydreaming about my future internship with Paul Levy at BIDMC.

But let's squeeze this challenge until we can wring out a new opportunity...Perhaps I can finagle a joint independent design program with a Master's at Erasmus U, which has an Institute of Health Policy and Management?

Other than the amazingly thrilling opportunity to reinvent my professional self halfway across the globe in two short months, the move will have additional perks.

First - Husband's company is taking care of us...why didn't I go civil service or govt again? Somebody remind me?!

Second - Even when the major deity is throwing me a wicked curve she gives it a nice easy twist at the end.

Low and behold...turns out the Netherlands are a hot spot for healthcare modeling.

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt is visiting The Hague after a stop in Switzerland early next month.

Check out this piece in today's New York Times, with an interesting introduction to the subject:

The Netherlands are being used as yardstick because the country has "solved two basic problems: moving from an employer-based system to one in which individuals buy their own insurance and subsidizing care for the poor" (W. David Helms, President - AcademyHealth, NYT).

Now, I can choose to be flummoxed by this astounding change of circumstance, or I can choose to be proactive and productive (aka I'll soak up everything I can about gezondheidszorg systeem van Nederland while we're there).

Hmmm....reactive, proactive, reactive, proactive...

That's an easy choice: Carpe diem.

Plus, I hear they have great tulips.

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CarolynKent said...

Sounds like a great opportunity! You'll continue blogging from the Netherlands?