Random Schtuff I

Random Schtuff #1:

According to Investor's Business Daily (some issue from last week that was a soggy delight of a pile on my stoop today), the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is the first US museum
making money repurposing its collection as cell phone art. Talk about a brilliant stroke of
newtech marketing. For a buck ninety-nine you can download a single copy of famous works
Houses at Auvers by van Gough (for all of you out there in the mental health field) or
Monet's Water Lilies. If that's not enough culture for your celly, for less than a latte and
muffin at Starbucks ($4.99) you can get a months subscription with five backgrounds.

Next gen hospital advertising is only a nanostep behind; I can see the hospital silhouette backgrounds now...and if I was really ambitious I'd figure out how to put a
cool xray image of my ankle with an ex-fixator on my Berry background.

Also if I was on staff in charge of acquisitions on Ebay I'd get in on this yesterday...

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