An Invitation, Dear Readers...

You may have noticed the Innovation Challenge judge logo on the left frame of Health Mgmt Rx recently.

The good news? Idea Crossing wants more talented judges - I'd love for you to get involved, dear readers.

Each year, top MBA teams from all over the states gather at the Darden School of Business (UVA) to address business-case issues for 5 top organizations at Idea Crossing's "Innovation Challenge."

The thinking is team-based. Resultant plans are creative and implementation-oriented. This is one of those great opportunities where teams learn by planning (and presenting) in a pressure-cooker atmosphere.

If you like HBS case studies, McKinsey Quarterly Articles, and Trump's show The Apprentice, judging The 2007 Innovation Challenge is a great way to spend a few evenings.

There's a dinner for judges at the conclusion of the contest and other perks, including HHonors points. Plus, the judge who recruits the most OTHER judges wins a lesson on a Harley. In addition to my altruistic motivations, and in the interest of full disclosure - let's be honest here - I'd love that ride...

2007 sponsors include:
Hilton Hotels
OPEN from American Express

Hope to see some of you at Darden in November...any takers?

www. innovationchallenge.com

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