Microinsurance Startups: A Possible Solution?

Very interesting Forbes article here.

Could a regional or municipal based microinsurance startup concept work in the US?

What about a nimble, adaptable microinsurance company without much overhead (eg all employees telecommute) organized around sales to a specified patient populations (ie young professionals in their 20s with no dependents living high-volume in cities such as NYC, DC, LA, etc.)?

You'd probably want to pick a patient population group that, similar to the Indian farmers mentioned in the article above, has statistically low incidences of high-cost procedures, such as inpatient surgeries, per 100 or 1,000.

Wonder who will be the first to figure out just how much you'd have to charge a 20-something to get a basic, mid-level deductible plan going...and how many you'd have to enroll to turn a profit.

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