Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself...

Yesterday Carolyn, a loyal reader and commenter (thank you!) who is enrolled in an MBA program somewhere out there in brick-and-mortar land, left this comment.

I'm posting it as a stand-alone entry because it sums up proper consumer behavioral research processes perfectly.

Before postulating what your consumers want/will use/will buy, you need an accurate snapshot fleshed out with quantitative metrics to back up your theories.

CK - I couldn't have said it any better:

"It sounds as if a lot of quick assumptions are made about consumers without any sort of market research behavior to support or refute such assumptions. Any successful customer experience begins with first knowing your customers (demographics - literacy levels would be included in this category), and then understanding them (psychographics - behavior patterns and expectations).

Until you have a solid grasp on these two items, you should never presume to know what consumers would do and what would succeed/fail."

Point taken Carolyn - Research first, blog/talk and implement later.