The Problem Every Behavior Change Platform Should Shed Blood, Sweat, and Tears to Have...

Interesting - after using the brilliant #getupandmove for 4 months, running is so integrated into my life that I no longer need the app #qs

To build something so useful at providing social support and helping motivate behavior change that -


Wow, this is a first.

The good news: #getupandmove is WORKING.

The bad news: most of us fall off the wagon after a bit (cough cough Susannah, self).

(Notice I do not believe the bad news is people stop wanting to #getupandmove, or stop wanting to use our platform).

Unfortunately, the bad news is that behavior change maintained over time takes anywhere from 18-260+ days, depending on your personality, environmental variables, and a whole host of factors we don't currently know how to track and then optimize.

Right now at Get Up and Move we're taking a look at how to build a kick-a#$ platform that:

1. helps guammies "level up," or go from individual/1x use;

2. lets you discover a fun new occasional activity you then repeat (like bed jump challenges or reading an article);

3. builds you up to prep for hitting a goal with a group (like our Bay to Breakers crew training - and I use the word loosely - in San Francisco);

4. and then helps you maintain (routinize) healthy microchoices you personally find fun and valuable, like Alex's running.

How can we do this?! That's a damn good question.

Alex's achievement represents our ultimate goal - building a platform that 'plugs in' near-real-time, extrinsic social support so useful that you no longer need it...motivation to move becomes internalized, intrinsic.

You own your goals. You own your microchoices. And you use them to be, well, better. .

That's the point where we think you can do one of several things:

1. you can pay it forward and challenge a friend or family member. (1:1);

2. you can adopt new guammies. (1: many - we're working on 'groups' features to help with this sort of thing);

3. you can motivate others to make micromovement a part of their daily decision tree so they too can see macro results.

But hell, why stop at achieving just one?

Speaking of which, I'm heading back offline to remind myself why we're so focused on building this online support platform.

See you all on the road to better health.

And may you too, one day, no longer need us ;).


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