My Guammies Keep Me Honest...

Even though they span thousands of miles and multiple social networks. Shockingly, my use of Get Up And Move has changed not just the way I think about taking cabs vs. walking, or taking the stairway to health, but also the way I eat (and what foods I choose to buy and cook, real time, at the point of purchase). Try it! Try tweeting or sending a Get Up and Move challenge for healthy food choice support next time you're a breath away from succumbing to junk food temptation. Just knowing I'm accountable for the debits and credits on my body's balance sheet to people other than myself means health becomes both community resource and an individual asset. Am I really going to intentionally pollute that? Sometimes yes, best intentions will fail me. But not today. Today I'm inputting blueberries. Thanks guammies! #getupandmove strikes again ;)

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