YouTube and Healthcare - We Can Haz Cool Videos? Yes. We Can Haz.

If you still think YouTube is just for those durned kids, you're really missing out. We at FierceHealthcare have decided to present seven of our favorite healthcare videos, with topics ranging from the serious (a critique of U.S. public health efforts in controlling H1N1) to the purely silly (an anesthesiologist singing about his duty to "sit and listen to the beep.") 

For their creativity, educational value and pure passion, we hereby deem these videos Fierce! Have fun checking them out; we certainly did.

 Diagnosis Wenckebach


 Bringin' Safety Back


 UAB Emergency Department Rap




 The Anesthetist's Hymn


 H1N1 Rap


 H1N1 Influenza Update Briefing

From: "7 YouTube Healthcare Videos Worth Watching - FierceHealthcare."

PS - Chad Hurley, sorry again for not recognizing you right off at TEDMED. All the jumping around must have jostled my brain pan...

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