Evolution of Online Conversations: Day 1 Still D-Day

80 percent of engagement around a post happens on day one, and that 60 percent of that happens within the first hour. What was surprising, however, is that this is actually a decrease from the numbers Grigorik has for 2007. According to his data from two years ago, 95 percent of engagement happened on the first day, and 90 percent of that was within the first hour.

From: "Technology Review: Blogs: TR Editors' blog: The Speed of Online Conversation."

This article is a must read - Grigorik believes online conversations' D-day replication is slowing down a bit as our distributed networks increase in size via weak ties, which have slightly slower bonding/sending capabilities.

Social networks are getting more complex via nodal interactions, so our filtering of value slows down about 15%. It'll be interesting to see what happens in another year of social networking distribution.

Will our weak tie/"friend of a friend" human filters cause engagement to drop another 15% or so?

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Vince Kuraitis said...

This doesn't fit my experience as a blogger.

I suppose it would if all you blogged about was today's news.

I try to blog about topics with staying power, that are still evolving, and where we are still getting up the learning curve.

Yes -- there's a definitely spike on day one and hour one, but overall 2/3 of my blog traffic continues to come from search engines.

Vince Kuraitis said...


...the article you cite is very accurate for Twitter.

Twitter is like a river. People dip in occasionally, and if your tweet doesn't get seen when they dip in, it's downstream and gone forever.

Blogs are like a lake. The water pools and search engines help you find what's in the lake way beyond just today.