Nexthealth Elevator Pitch

This is where healthcare is going, the gold standard of semantic interoperabilty.

Consumers WILL be able to access healthcare goods and services online and offline at will.

This means consumers will have many choices to make in healthcare - how? where? when to access? which sources are credible? which providers protect my privacy? which hospitals provide services online and offline?

At Nexthealth, we use a database and graphic UI to organize knowledge so users can organize their health choices.

Nexthealth is literally the launch pad and the landing site for healthcare decision making.

It's a neutral, free interactive process for anyone who needs to make a healthcare decision - consumer or producer.

You won't see ads on our site. We don't charge subscription fees and are organized as a nonprofit. We're a credible, trusted, 'helpful' partner in consumers' time of need.

When your health is on the line, a lot of emotion and subjectivity is involved.

This model supports rapid decision making in very stressful situations. We provide a logical, rational, clear scaffolding that guides you through making tough choices in tough times. But we're not making diagnoses, we're not a 'recommendation' engine. Think of Nexthealth as an objective exoskeleton, providing the framework to break healthcare decisions down into manageable bits and pieces.

We start directly with the consumer searching for health decision support. Througout the process we facilitate navigation to other resources with health-related information we do not provide ourselves, but rely on trusted Health 2.0 partners to architect. We refer users to these partners.

Armed with that information patients go about the next step in the decision process, which is further defining what's important for their decision. The end of a user's interaction with the model is when they subjectively determine that they have made their decision ("Click the button").

Let's take a closer look at the experience of being a patient. With a devastating diagnosis, a consumer is suddenly required to evaluate options for treatment based on personal life goals. Most of us don't know we have choices in healthcare until that terrible moment arrives.

Suddenly, you need to be able to decipher a stunning array of options - which hospital is the 'best' for this condition? Which doctor is rated highly by patients and has a low malpractice rate? Where can I talk with other people who have lived through something like this?

Say you go to Google. Good luck sifting through search result for ones that mean alot to you. Current search engine optimization techniques sell the consumer short - we value search based on keywords, terminology, rather than the meaning each word has, the impact a diagnosis has on our daily lives. We can't search for healthcare resources based on the decision we need to make - right now we can only search based on the phrase someone else determines has meaning and relevance.

Who or what is there to help consumers make these decisions in an objective way? Right now? No one. Nothing. But Nexthealth fills the gap between current services, content and community online, and how consumers move towards action, the do/buy decisions required to go forward.

At Nexthealth we don't judge your decision. We don't put any limits on the process. Bring your baggage. Have a seat. Use the tool for as long as it takes. As many times as it takes. We walk you through four specific, concrete steps to arrive at a decision. When to start, stop, communicate, or abandon the process is entirely up to you. Like decision-making in the real world - maybe you're not ready to take the next step. Don't worry, no pressure.

Bring a box of tissues, your anger and confusion. We'll help you bring simple, welcome clarity to the process of determining where you are now, and provide the support system that helps you create a roadmap to where you're going next.

Need help making the decision? At every step of the way, Nexthealth gives you the option of connecting with Health 2.0 content and community sites that support your decision process. We've done the due diligence and provide partners without commercial bias.

We don't charge you anything to use the Nexthealth tool. Ever. And we don't sell, rent, or give away your information. We firmly believe the tools to make better, more informed healthcare decisions should be open-source, in the public domain, available at no cost.

The only thing we're selling is the barn-burning concept that you have choices to make in healthcare. Who's in the driver's seat? You are. We're the wheel, the brakes, the chassis. How fast you need to travel is up to you.

Are you ready to map your next steps? 3.2.1. Liftoff.

It's your health - what's next?


Berci Meskó said...

I wanted to blame you for not providing any practical details about Nexthealth then Webicina.com just came into my mind. Understood now.

First: no details, just heat

Second: discussion

Third: Lift-off...

Scott Shreeve, MD said...


This sounds like a interesting concept with significant value for your customers.

The only problem I see is that you are offering the service for free, you are giving away your technology, are not accepting ads, and you do not plan on using anonymized user information in any revenue generating way.

This leads to the big BM question (no, not that kind of BM) - how on earth do you plan to be around without any source of revenue. You either have a sugar daddy funding your every business whim or you will be out of business in short order. Would love to hear you describe the sustainable business model that will allow you to provide this valuable service.

Best wishes!