Help Wanted: Doc Social Networks & Evidence Based Practice

A new contact, Nan Solomons, needs help with a research design project for school.

Nan saw Maarten den Braber and I share the Nexthealth research at Medicine 2.0 in Toronto, and contacted me to ask about physician social networks (for doc, by doc sites).

Since connecting people, online and offline, interested in health innovation is a primary goal of Nexthealth, we're helping out.

Nan's working on some pretty interesting and relevant stuff, so I hope you'll take the time to help out if you can.

She asked me to post her area of interest here, dear readers, in the hopes that someone can flush out additional sources/lines of inquiry.

Although this is an unsual post for Health Management Rx, encouraging multi-modal collaboration and working to renovate the current medical education system is a goal near and dear to Nexthealth and Medical Education Evolution hearts - and we hope yours as well.

Nan's Project: Examining Provider Participation in Social Networks as an Indicator of Using Evidence Based Practice (paraphrased).

Her questions:

1. Is anyone else researching this? (if so, connect!)
2. Companies she should examine (Sermo, Within3, Ozmosis)
3. Where else can providers get online advice from other providers (Twitter!!)

Please leave suggestions/resource links in the comments section and I'll make sure they get back to Nan.


Greta said...

DestinationRx might also be a resource as its a great tool for managing a whole family's virtual medicine cabinet and cross-checking drug interactions.

NurseDan said...

Nan. This is great. I would love to meet you as a partner and I are starting a company to address these issues within healthcare and EBP. Please contact me at your leisure