Health 2.0 Around the Blogosphere

There's a lot of buzz surrounding Health 2.0 'the movement,' and quite a bit of froth and churn in the young consumer-centric HIT sector. (Blogger's Note: I work with Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya of the Health 2.0 conference as speaker liaison, volunteer manager, and ranger).

To keep up with news as we ramp up for Health 2.0 in San Francisco next month, I've created Google Alerts for the following terms:
  • consumer-centric care
  • Health 2.0
  • patient-directed care
  • Health 3.0
Although you have to spend a bit of time reading the Google summaries for each link to separate the wheat from the chaff, it's well worth it to set up an alert for your company name, competitors, and areas of the sector that interest you, like Health 2.0.

Here are some links my Health 2.0 Google Alert recently turned up (as in, this morning):

The latest in Health 2.0 - health coaching from Hummingbird Coaching.

Ian Furst at Wait Times tackles security issues in Health 2.0 using quotes from an excellent piece in Scientific American.

HeartHawk blogs live from Medicine 2.0 on the changing doctor-patient relationship.

Patricia Donovan of the Healthcare Intelligence Network talks about 'injecting' Web 2.0 into healthcare.

And of course, the neatest interview series on Health 2.0, brought to us by Easy Rider David Kibbe...can't wait to see his documentary aired next month. Safe journeys!

David's asking everyone he interviews the same queston: "Are you Health 2.0?" How would you answer, dear reader?

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