Shameless Repost From The Efficient MD - Twitter and Healthcare Lifehacking

On Thursday, the Efficient MD showed us all how to eavesdrop on docs and med students via Twitter.

Twitter is also a great medium for micro-blogging (despite recent outages and external platforms being taken offline systematically to revamp the system - there's great hope for the company).

I've found news (especially party, launch, and event hints and announcements) increasingly breaks here first - before it's up in the blogosphere - for several sectors, including HIT.

Whether you love Twitter or loathe it, healthcare folks are prolifically populating the site with links and news.

Examples from my recent updates:

jenmccabegorman Anyone else attending Wired:Next Gen Patient Centered Care? June 12-13 in DC http://www.ixcenter.org/eve...
ok, little lite Friday reading, US Congressional Budget Office take on HIT http://tinyurl.com/58yh5x
jenmccabegorman Every Health 2.0 co. should develop mobile app NOW http://tinyurl.com/5e86dm jenmccabegorman @flupianez, thanks for sharing EXCELLENT Health 2.0 videos from your conference in Spain (all intl. Health 2.0 folks take a look!)

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