Medicine 2.0 Medbloggers Panel - Anyone Want In?

Bertalan Mesko, ScienceRoll blogger and med student at University of Debrecen, is organizing a Medicine 2.0 Congress Medical Bloggers panel in Toronto Sep. 4-5th.

We're in great hands with Berci...Check out some of his research here.

Berci's presentations at Yale and in Second Life cover topics from personalized genomics to intersections of web 2.0/medicine 2.0 and 'brick and mortar' care.

The current Medicine 2.0 Congress panel roster:
We're looking for a fourth medblogger to join.

If you're interested, leave a comment, or ping one of us on Twitter.com (jenmccabegorman, NCurse).

A bit more info:

Panels are 45-60 min presentations or debate sessions of a group of leaders in a field discussing a broad issue of general interest from various perspectives.

* Please note that normally we will not be able to cover the registration fee, travel and accommodation for any of the panelists.

* The abstract should contain up to 500 words, containing a short overview of the common issues and 1-2 sentences per presenter about the contribution of each panelist.

Here is a sketch of the abstract:

The Medical Bloggers' Panel aims to give deeper insight into medical blogging; why it is beneficial to maintain a medical blog and how one can start their own blogs. The Panel also plans to discuss the dangers web 2.0 can cause to medical professionals in the medical blogosphere and to present some medical blogging careers.


Ian Furst http://www.waittimes.blogspot.com said...

tried to get in last week to debate you jen but the panel was full! I live an hour from toronto. Ah well maybe next year --

Jen McCabe Gorman said...

Ian - hope you read this, as I don't have your email...Medicine 2.0 is still accepting panel abstract submissions - we're thinking about doing an Evolution of Health 2.0 panel - interested? We have to put it together FAST if so...email me at jennifermccabegorman@yahoo.com.