Why You Should Worry About American Innovation

And the complete lack of respect we show for pure research, in more industries than healthcare...why haven't we seen more media coverage of a female US astronaut completing the longest time an American has spent in space?

Most days I don't read everything in my email inbox - I triage by contacts, projects, news, and suspected trash.

Today, resting a bit from live-tweeting at WHCC and the 20+hour round trip back to Rotterdam, I scanned more news than normal.

I happened upon this article by complete accident. Luckily, it was one of those blessed 'aha' moments that happens serendipitously during web searches.

Why haven't we seen more about the woman who set the record for longest spaceflight in US history?

I'm afraid we're not respecting true innovation - in any industry, be it spaceflight or healthcare - when it doesn't have a specific dollar value attached.

Limiting 'creative storms' would have prevented us from going to the Moon - and inventing Velcro and Post-Its accidentally along the way.

Simple elementary school definitions of science and technology - applied science - come to mind. In what ways are we pushing the pure scientific process out of healthcare management?

Luckily, it turns out the critics who proclaim the death of American scientific/medical innovation are wrong - or, at least they aren't entirely right.

American astronaut Peggy Whitson, the first female International Space Station Commander, now holds the record for most time in space (among US astronauts). 192 days she spent up there. More than half a year.

As part of Expedition 16, Peggy and her team conducted various research, including the effects of longterm space flight.

Think about what you and I will spend the next half year accomplishing.

Whatever we do to advance the science of living, to learn the effects of various environmental impacts on the body and mind, let's remember America still has the potential to be a world-leader in innovation.

The only real question left is - do you want in on the ride?

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