Forget Mouth-to-Mouth: CPR Gets a Makover

If you're at the scene of an accident with a nonresponsive victim, the latest news is reporting chest compressions are the most important thing you can do (as a layperson) to promote successful resuscitation - after dialing 911 of course.

The AHA has more information about "hands-only" CPR here.

When I worked at a nonprofit medical facility in DC, one administrative goal was to achieve 100% AHA Healthcare Provider CPR certification. Although I did the training less than 6 months ago, information about the 'hands only' method wasn't yet available.

First, every hospital should have a goal of 100% staff CPR certification, regardless of job title or functional area. Many have policies in place for nursing and ER staff, but this isn't sufficient. Start small - is everyone on your executive team certified?

Second, no matter what your job description entails, if you work in a healthcare/hospital organization you need someone following the latest developments and tracking new research with the potential to improve patient care.

If this function is too far below your ivory tower vantage, that's fine, but be sure you've got an analyst, intern, or other staff member with one eye on the news.

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