Here's One For All My ER Friends...

And EMTs (Emergency Em, you know who you are...)

So I'm out and about in Belgium doing some shopping today (at a place that takes USD).

In the electronics section I notice this game, which seems tailor-made for the emergency room nurse/doc demographic.

It's got everything today's understaffed, overburdened emergency room does, including:
  • "Massive bosses"
  • "Terrifying monsters"
  • "Insane weapons"

Welcome to "Painkiller Overdose," where the demonically drug-seeking take over the world.

Instead of cathartically draining that burgeoning cyst of angst on your blogs, just pop in the Painkiller Overdose CD for a few hours nightly.

What's not to love about "6 new insane weapons" and "over 40 demented, unique and sickly twisted horrifying monsters," especially when they're not visiting your ED 23x weekly?

Back to more serious blogging tomorrow, and no, I didn't buy the game, although I was tempted to see what weapons they use to disarm the overmedicated...I doubt anyone would appreciate THAT best practices writeup.

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