2 Most Powerful Healthcare Lobbies in the Next 10 Years

Forget the American Medical Association. Besides being kicked out of recent Senate Finance Committee hearings, they're woefully slow-moving and frustratingly nonspecific when describing today's challenges.

The 2 most powerful presences on The Hill pushing politicians for healthcare change will be:

1. The AARP. They've got the money, the membership base, the management insight to approach consumers where they live and buy, and the might to influence policy for millions of seniors. Watch for ranks to swell as active Boomers 'come of age.'

2. The megapolis hospital systems like Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic. These multisite powerhouses have more active economies than some small countries. In terms of revenues, populations served (more than half a million patients at Mayo and over 3M visits at Cleveland Clinic locations) and number or employees (almost 50k at Mayo alone), they'll become the new Detroit. Big 4 auto power will be replaced by Big ? hospital lobbies. Mayo's already getting started, sending out feelers and publicizing suggested policy change, including this "wish list for the next president" (StarTribune).

Make contact with someone deeply embedded at each of these organizations. Start with the person who fills the AARPs Policy and Strategy, Strategic Policy Advisor-Health role.

Get on their press release lists. Subscribe to e-newsletters like Mayo's Housecall. The AARP Magazine (with the world's largest circulation list) is a must-read, for all ages.

They'll be making news; you'll need to be proactively anticipating policy sea change.

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