Another Lo Tech Reminder - Staff Appropriately

Without proper staff coverage in the hospital, not one quality improvement process or innovation mentioned on this blog, or any other for that matter, means a ^&*% thing.

Thanks Scalpel for linking to ER Nursey's great post.

Take notes all...another reason we'll see see select consumers gravitate to health IT via Health 2.0 - we want to stay out of the hospital for as long as possible.

You want us to stay out of the ER when we have a nonemergent condition.

Any telemedicine, e-health, or online chat with a doc that delays a hospital visit for me also saves money for my insurance companies and places less of a burden on caregivers.

Keep working staff to death and we'll save even more via hemhorragic attrition! Hurray!

Hire well. Staff appropriately. Maintain- no -increase support.

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