Weekend Reader's Choice: Wild Ideas to Consider Implementing This Monday

Each week I come across ideas and concepts I'd love to push into the healthcare marketplace in one large, lovely, gushing bolus.

Unfortunately, actual implementation will take longer for many innovative concepts - although I'd love to be able to flush everything into the system at once, releasing new ideas in one cluster would wreak havoc.

While I enjoy creative tension in the workplace (both causing it and helping to alleviate it), I also realize that you have to build up people's capacity for change with successes.

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are a few ideas to think about implementing come Monday.

One can be implemented immediately (Chris Resto's Harvard Business Review piece on managing expectations for young talent should be applied to ALL talent - posthaste), and one will take longer (Linda A. Hill's mention of co-leadership and letting go of our common perceptions about how leadership 'presents' to discover tomorrow's leaders).

Read Tata Motors' idea for harnessing the creative power of entrepreneurs in India - it's like the moto version of Ikea (build what you want from a box of parts), or an auto-franchising Fordization for the next century. Bravo Tata.

Watch Harvard Business Review's interview with Professor Linda A. Hill. Hill tells us how to find the leaders of tomorrow. Where are your next generation of leaders? Are you looking deep in the bench at every employee (techs, physical plant staff, food services, etc.)?

Read one of the best concise discussions on leading/managing talent I've ever seen here - Harvard Business' Conversation Starter by Chris Resto is titled "How to Set Expectations with Young Talent," but includes a conversation every manager should have with EVERY employee, not just promising young millenials.

Just chew them over for a bit. Could any of these concepts work at your hospital? Are your synapses firing with new ideas just reading?

One of the biggest roadblocks to innovation is burnout, so enjoy your weekend. There's plenty of time to innovate next week.

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