What Do The Docs Do on Their Downtime?

Uh oh...no health-related gallows humor in Holland...

I'll have to be careful over there in Nederland (and you thought nothing could be a bigger conversation-kill than a whispered "HIPAA").

From NL Planet:

"Dutch certainly has a rather unique approach to swearwords: sexually-based ones are less shocking, the worst being related to catching or having nasty diseases, a hangover from unhealthier mediaeval times. The worse the disease, the more insulting the curse, and the Dutch use a whole clutch of them: pleurisy, tuberculosis, the plague, smallpox, cancer... recently even Aids has been added to the list. To call someone an 'Aids sufferer', for instance, is a grave insult, so the system evolves continually. This can all be a bit unsettling for the unsuspecting newcomer."

I wonder how they feel about patients openly conversing with healthcare professionals about diagnoses and treatment options?

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