One Way to Solve a Healthcare Staffing Crisis...

Although DC isn't at the top of the list when it comes to many healthcare metrics, this program deserves a mention:

FREE Medical Assistant Training for DC Residents

Andromeda Transcultural Health offers the fourth Medical Assistant Training Program Requirements:
  • To be a DC resident with proof of residency (photocopy of any bill);
  • Resume;
  • Copy of an ID (driver's license and/or passport);
  • To have working knowledge of English and Spanish (or wish to learn);
  • And to have a minimum High School Degree or GED already completed.

The program is sponsored/granted by the Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs.

For more info, call (202) 291-4707 (x 118).

[Posted 11.607; reposted 11.20.07 - does that mean there are still vacancies? Come on DC!]

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