Congrats on the Book Deal Scutmonkey!

Normally my posts are very serious and analytical, touched with a healthy dose of idealism.

Today though I have to do the blogging equivalent of jumping around, clapping my hands, and squealing "yippee" in a really annoying nasal voice, thanks to hearing fellow blogger Scutmonkey's news.

First of all Michelle, I can totally identify with the response to a "big news" teaser...

It seems like if you're female and married and "of a certain age" (meaning anywhere outside pre-pubescent) whenever you make the "I have news" pronouncement everyone automagically assumes your uterus is burgeoning with new life and amazing rates of cell division.

Earlier this month our families were SURE we were pregnant, and unfortunately for them we hit 'em with the double whammy of "not yet" and "we're up and moving to the Netherlands - in about a month."

So loyal readers, big news from the medical/health/hospital blogosphere:

Scutmonkey, aka Michelle, proud author of The Underwear Drawer blog (which rarely focuses on underclothing accoutrements and usually sticks to the fascinating and humorous nuggets that show practicing medicine IS part of daily life and docs are NOT aliens in disguise from planet Medic0) got a book deal.

Awesome news Scutmonkey - you'll make us all proud as the female, more humorous Atul Gawande!

Did I mention she's also an anesthesia resident with a great eye for photography?

Now Scutmonkey, about that advanced copy...

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