Here We Come to Save the Data - Crusaders Jonathan Bush & Athena Health, Matthew Holt & Health 2.0

Everyone, but everyone, should be concerned about how healthcare data will be saved, transmitted, viewed, and modified. Too many hospital and healthcare systems are sitting back waiting for early adopters to go through unenviable growing pains with EMR/EHR implementation.

They're also sourcing vendors offering "spackle-tech," where a snazzy looking new interface is slapped onto the cratered substrate of an old network. It's smooth enough to paint over, but the hole that existed in the first place is still there, looming beneath the patch.

Some are skipping that stage altogether and testing RFID tagging for PHR use.

How to deal? Get the inside scoop on who's doing what, as well as viewpoints on why current patches to IT/payment/back office functions may very well kit the whole kaboodle.

First, listen to this podcast interview with Matthew Holt, brilliant author and H/HC guru behind The Health Care Blog, as he chats with Jonathan Bush, CEO and Founder of Athena Health. It's not often in this age of spin you hear an unadulterated view of the hospital/physician back office market (plutonium shoes, anyone?!).

Listen here.

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Next, make plans to attend Holt's Health 2.0 conference in September. Consider it mandatory.
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