Flutter Those Wings - On Breakthroughs (Thanks SIPA, Lisa H)

Last Thursday at the HP Campus in Cupertino, CA one of my favorite bloggers, Lisa Haneberg 0f Management Craft (www.lisahaneberg.com) gave a great talk. "Breakthroughs - Turning Small Efforts into Big Results," was sponsored by SIPA and Invincibelle.

I strongly encourage anyone visiting Silicon Valley for business (or pleasure) to hook up with SIPA (SIPA = Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association). Toss aside any misconceptions you may have about the benefits of attending an event thrown by a membership organization with such a laser-focused demographic.

SIPA members (thanks Nikhil, Johnny, and Holly) wooed this travel-lagged East-Coaster with homemade samosas, chai tea, and sparkling conversation. They're among some of the most friendly, down to earth, low key 'networkers' I've had the privilege to meet.

It's refreshing to find an organization where conversations are based on genuine interest, where the business card exchange is a thougtful and polite counterpoint rather than the main event. If this organization goes outside the Valley guys and gals, give me a call. I'll be happy to help kickstart a DC branch.

Now back to Lisa, who's currently toting her wonderful ideas cross-country (covering 10,000 miles with the strength of a Crusader and a panache only this red-haired bundle of inspiration riding a purple bike can pull off).

Check out her site, take a gander at her calendar, and if there are any open spots near you employ any means necessary to get her in to speak with your people. Also, her newest book is a great read for those who may feel singed by the first flames of burnout.

Manager's Motto for the Day: Seek ye events that might put thee outside the cushy, comforting norms of current hospital/HC networks.

Within 48 hours of Lisa's talk, I'd learned of a new startup (Worksona.com, a kind of custom LinkedIn for your inner-company network, thanks Holly), shared my deep and abiding love of Jott, and received emails from Holly, Johnny, and Nikhil, who's started his own blog. In addition, Lisa and SIPA have helped recharge my batteries.

Too often, the last one to realize you're close to burnout is - you.

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-N said...

Hello Jen,
It is a truly inspirational note. I thought about briefing my SIPA experience and inspiration that I got from Lisa. You summarized it well.
Kudos and best of luck!