"Sicko" Leaked On Web

Perhaps it was inevitable.

Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" has been leaked by an unknown source and is available for download online (using Pirate Bay, BitTorrent or the like). Although, by the time this post is published, many sites will probably have removed it.

Even if Moore's team or Weinstein didn't have a hand in the leak, it's a brilliant strategy...14 days before release a teaser copy becomes available and the blogosphere will be swarming with talk (guilty as charged).

Click here to read the AdAge article published this morning.

Although it's certainly tempting to get a peek at this flick before it hits the big screen nearby, I'll refrain.

I'll pull through the two week wait and enjoy planning to see it in a theater that now charges almost as much as a baseball stadium, with temperatures approximating the next ice age, a bucket of stale popcorn, a notepad, and some Tums. Also, probably a travel pack of Kleenex.

The movie is scheduled for nationwide release June 29th. According to the movie's page:

"SiCKO' is a straight-from-the-heart portrait of the crazy and sometimes cruel U.S. health care system, told from the vantage of everyday people faced with extraordinary and bizarre challenges in their quest for basic health coverage.

In the tradition of Mark Twain or Will Rogers, 'SiCKO' uses humor to tell these compelling stories, leading the audience conclude that an alternative system is the only possible answer."

Turtle: http://www.michaelmoore.com/sicko/about/synopsis

The synopsis isn't the most interesting portion of the "Sicko" webpage - here are Mike's 6 responses to what consumers can do (verbatim from the site):

1. Your organization can sponsor a screening.

2. Post a YouTube video of your health care horror story and we'll post some of them on the website. (As of 10:30am EST, 39 videos have been posted here).

Send your health care horror story to your member of congress and CC michael@michaelmoore.com.

4. Pay a house call to your local congressperson and let them know how you feel.

5. Band together with organizations to bring down private, for-profit health insurance companies.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables and walk around.

I particularly like number 6 - excuse me, I need to go grab an apple.

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