Reason #42 to Get Up and Move...

By the power of Greyskull that is a lot of money but I admit to being in desperate need of increasing my body strength. My ten year old child often turns the taps off in the bathroom very tightly and I have to go several days without washing. I feel bad constantly having to ask the lady from next door to come over and loosen them for me, what with her arthritis and limited wheelchair access to my apartment.

To be honest, I originally joined your gym with full intentions of attending every few days but after waiting in vain for someone to offer me steroids, I began to suspect this was not going to happen and the realisation that I may have to exercise instead was, quite frankly, horrifying. My aversion to work, along with the fact one of your employees, Justin, was rather rude, telling me to 'lift this', ''push that' dulled my initial enthusiasm of becoming muscular and I stopped attending.

If your aversion to working out is as strong as David's, consider increasing your body strength with a sweet lil' situp challenge.

Join 5 of us here: http://getupandmove.me/shazow/2234

Our new nifty groups feature is sort of like Evite for healthy actions

Who do you think needs to get a move on? Invite them to work off that 4th of July bar-b-q, courtesy of Team Contagion.

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