We're thrilled to be a part of CHRISTUS Health’s’ commitment to compassionate care, and to bring this social focus to such a worthy goal.” "We are committed to finding ways to make healthy daily decisions ‘contagious’. We believe your health is in your hands, and the pursuit of better health is a social activity. Who better to support you in this effort than family and friends?

Contagion took 2nd prize!

Now the *real* work begins.

I'm thrilled and yes, a bit frightened by the scope and opportunity we've been presented with here.

Even though we all tell ourselves we start companies with the noblest of intentions, it's not everyday a scrappy startup gets a chance to ACTUALLY save the world, or - at the very least - improve the state of healthcare for folks with diabetes in the state of Louisiana.

This is the kind of opportunity I go to bed dreaming about and wake up to find - amazingly - we have in front of us.

I am so grateful to be called to doing this kind of work, and to have the resources appear, sometimes through sweat, blood, and tears, sometimes through absolute luck, to make this happen.

Thank you - everyone - for your support and love and encouragement.

Your enthusiasm and belief in Andrey and I is contagious.

It is palpable. It allows us to keep reaching for goals that seem unobtainable.

Please...keep it coming. We'll need it more than ever in the year ahead.

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