Wiifit Gets a Competitive Cousin

So Kinect works—and better than I’d have thought.

Still, I foresee some challenges, the first being the space required to play some of Kinect's more active games.

Most of the activities I tried demanded plenty of movement—much more than any Wii game I’ve played. The key differentiator is that the player’s feet are now involved, which means we no longer stand in one spot and just move our arms; we actually move around the room.

I’d estimate that I was moving left and right at least three metres while I was steering the raft and a couple of metres forward and backward in the handball game. And that doesn’t include the two metres between my movement zone and the television—space necessary in order for the camera to get a full picture of your body and the area in which it moves—or my flailing limbs.

Want. +1.

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