Join Team Contagion. We're lookin...

Right now. For a front end engineer and a back end engineer.

Contagion is building an early-stage consumer action platform.

We are engineering and product driven, with an early revenue deal and passionate users. 

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-1 if you call yourself ninja, 10x, or some other nomenclature on your resume. Of course you're 10x ;). 

We'll be very picky about the right fit. Personal recommendations are the best way in.

Company perks:

  • Join us for the summer in a pre-eminent incubator. 
  • Be part of the journey as we get an office, meet with VCs, and grow our core product, pushing further into the mobile and social spaces.
  • You want to work on location? Sure. Game mechanics? Yep. Mobile/iPad development? Come on over. 
  • We encourage you to own and open-source any libraries or software you develop on which our core product doesn't depend directly, under your own name.
  • We highly encourage side projects and don't retain ownership. The stuff you like to do is your stuff. 
  • "Inspiration" oriented work schedule and 4 day work week (Fridays the founders keep working - hang with us if you like). Our office is open 24/7 or work from the beach, coffee shops, the CalTrain. 
  • Gym memberships and work-out meetings. 
  • Don't get us wrong - we work hard, and we work long hours. The answer to anyone on the team asking: "Is X ready to roll?" should always be "yeah, yesterday" not "almost.
  • Speaking of which, we'll move you out to Silicon Valley for the summer. 
  • Meet our Board of Awesome (Garry Tan of Posterous, Joe Gebbia of Airbnb, Stephen Cohen of Posterous Technologies). 
  • Interact like peers, not subordinates. Every engineer is a founder of the product. We treat you like one. Whatever part of the company dynamics interest you (funding, legal, UX, speaking/demoing) we want you to do that and learn from our mistakes. 
  • Hang at brunches and dinners where we learn from the best: Matt Galligan of SimpleGeo, the crew from GreenPatch, and more. 
  • Teaching Thursdays: Want to learn chess? Frisbee golf? How to interview? For an hour or so 1x a week Team Contagion members teach each other cool stuff. 
  • Champagne delivered to new employees, dinner with your significant others, hosted by the founders, Adobe-style. 
  • Salary important? Need a visa? Want equity? We'll work with you to figure out the right individual compensation package. 

Interested? Get in touch:

@shazow (CTO): andrey@contagionhealth.com

@jensmccabe (CEO): jen@contagionhealth.com

Email resume and what you'd change about http://getupandmove.me to icanhaz@contagionhealth.com

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