Why mHealth is the Future: The Gospel According to US CTO Aneesh Chopra

Everyday today when I visit a certain coffee shop, I enter into my iPhone — I click, click, click — and it tells me exactly what my sugar consumption patterns were from that grande vanilla nonfat latte, and it becomes very clear to me what this has done to my nutrition habits,” Chopra continued. “So I don’t know, and nor should the government be in a position to tell the country how and in what manner these applications should come together. If we create the market conditions that would spur market innovation: We hope to create a great deal of innovation anchored to the consumer and anchored around prevention and wellness. That’s the opportunity in healthcare that everybody believes whether conservative or liberal.

From an interview by Matthew Holt, Health 2.0 LLC, (@boltyboy on Twitter) with Health 2.0 keynote speaker Aneesh Chopra.

"Federal CTO tracks eating habits via iPhone | mobihealthnews"

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