Paging The "What's In the Box" Programmer(s) in NL: You Guys Should Do Secure Health Design!

What is the password to the "what's in the box" website?

I was on youtube and stumbled on this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU_reTt7Hj4&feature=rec-HM-fresh+div the video is pretty intense so i went the website in the info section, to see what it was about. the website consists of a red glowing circle and some credits beneath it if you click on the circle it gives you the opportunity to type in a password everything ive tried doesn't work can anybody help me?
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Hey this is what i found

Click on the lower quadrant of the ring, and an input box appears. Various keywords will provide responses, but of most interest is:

help which then displays “high contrast“
Others keywords include:

(anything incorrect) “uh uh uh, you didn’t say the magic word“
please = ”who are you, Dennis Nedry?” (a reference to the character from Jurassic Park who secured his computer with the message above, and ‘please’ wasn’t the answer)
whatsinthebox = “soon the world will find out“
thebox = “what’s in it“
tenacious d “simply the greatest band on earth“
babel “why are you giving me the directions, if you are the one who needs them“
babelresearch “babel re-search“
saga “noevilsagasliveon“
hanso “4 8 15 16 23 42“
4 8 15 16 23 42 “SYSTEM FAILURE“
pandora “Copay Pales“ (apocalypse?)
date “06-08-2018“
Given the help response, boost contrast, capture the full page image of the ring and boost the contrast, and you see the text appear in the lower left:

Now view the source of the WITB page, and you’ll find commented HTML with the text: /snd/jables.mp3
In reverse, this becomes a voice saying:

”local protection team report back“
Also in the source is an HTML comment at the very end containing:

This is a palidrome (like “Tim Smit”, reads the same forwards and backwards)

Finally, also visible in the sourse:

some things will only be revealed through mirrors and light
Unmask the URL
Visit Babel Research
Now view the source of the website, and you’ll find commented HTML with the text:

In reverse, this becomes a voice saying:

“yankee november“
Also in the source, a number of coloured dot images are labeled with hex colour values. Scattered throughout the page HTML are “key” attributes with the same hex values.

Locate these “key” attributes in the correct order:

00ffcf ff00d0 8e01ff daff00 ff0101 01d4ff 000bff 42ff00 fea702
Now click on the dots in the same order:

5 1 2 7 9 4 3 6 8

You should see a picture now

Visit the ABOUT page, then view the source and you’ll find commented HTML with the text:

In reverse, this becomes a voice saying:

“we have a 14-juno situation“
If you recall in the video, a number is entered into the first cell phone, the Samsung A500. In the login entry field at the top right of Babel Research, enter the number:

The page refreshes an this message appears:

As of 6th of august all remote systemchecks have come to a halt. Please contact local authorities or use remote any remote accesspoint.
Watch closely at the bottom of the website, to the left of the corporate logos. Occasionally, a small image of the schrodinger cat will appear.

When it appears, click it quickly, and you can download this audio file

In reverse, this becomes a voice saying:

“found. project attainable has failed“
There’s another clickable object, found in the source, labeled “little secret”. In Firefox, this object is located just to the right of center below the page header (eg, between the “Y” of “Research and Technology” and the “e” of “achieving the impossible” on the BSC page). This method doesn’t work in IE. You can download this audio file

This is a male voice which says:

What’s in the box?
Return to whatsinthebox.nl and open the input box, then enter operation2347 and you’ll be forwarded to a new location…

United European Corps
Once on this site, view the source, and you’ll find commented HTML with the text:

In reverse, this becomes a voice saying:

“located within quarantine zone“
This clip is also revealed in the high quality video stream page source.

The image displayed in the center of this page is located here:

Check out this website, no one has figured out the password yet but they have come a long way http://wikibruce.com/2009/04/a-big-box-o…

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From: "What is the password to the "what's in the box" website? - Yahoo! Answers"

Is your mind blown yet? Let's back up.

I'll try to explain the relevance of this one for healthcare innovation but, disclaimer, it's a stretch even for me.

1. @philbaumann tweeted about this freaky video: http://bit.ly/1BsHZc
2. I watched it, was obsessed, and decided to watch it again.
3. Noticed an Albert Heijn sign at 3:52 in - this is a grocery chain in the Netherlands and recognized the symbol.
4. Googled "What's in the box NL?" to dig around.
5. More intrigued.
6. Discovered this site: http://www.whatsinthebox.nl/
7. Then this one: http://www.slashfilm.com/2009/03/18/whats-in-the-box/
8. Then this one: http://babel-research.eu/?about=about

If this is some Dutch art/programming students final design project it's the best damn job I've ever seen.

At first I was sure this was the start of a viral campaign for a Samsung game cube or some such nonsense, but given the last site's design not entirely sure this isn't a nifty amateur project.

The meat in this blog post details all the trixsy hax0r fabulous work on the red circle site: http://www.whatsinthebox.nl/.

Anyone who thinks this way needs to join the h3alth hax0rs.

@philbaumann, thank you for *another* obsession...

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