Got it! Google Health Users Only Link if You Install Ringful iPhone App

See screenshots...issue is resolved thanks to Google's quick work and support from the Twittersphere, which enabled me to track the issue all the way back to installation last night of an iPhone app that has a linking function to my Google Health profile. 

First and foremost, I was wrong...This is NOT a Google Health issue (per se) - it's a permissions/linked profile issue with an app (this one happens to be iPhone app). The issue is related to that app's 'opt out' process rather than 'opt in.'

The app DOES have a linked profile text page as part of the signup process, and linking commences even if you haven't entered any data in your journal via mobile interface.

Another important note, even if your profile (or profiles, since you can now create multiple profiles as a Google Health user) is linked in Google Health to any internal or external app, engine, or build (and you can have more than one) then you can delink by going to the "Settings" (top nav) "Profile" page (sub nav). 

Another important note...Linked accounts, including app engine builds, will NOT appear in your "See Who Has Access" tab on the right nav. Again, this info is stored in the Settings tab on the top nav.

Google's timely and personal response on this issue today was absolutely phenomenal, and on a Sunday afternoon, in the middle of the GTUG Campout. 

Thank you to Google, the GTUG Campout organizers, Google Health staff for your quick work here. I will be happy to continue to provide access and feedback on how to improve the Google Health user experience, starting with the demo of some nifty stuff our teams worked very hard to build this weekend. 

Google, you are doing us proud and following the "don't be evil" ethos to a T here. Thank you again. I remain committed to helping you open source personal health control over the modification and sharing of #myhealthdata, when and where and to whom I want to share it (or not!). 

Jen S. McCabe

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michael said...

Hi Jen,

This is Michael Yuan from Ringful. Sorry for your troubles. The app does explicitly ask you to "opt in" in order to connect to Google Health. You will have to select the "Connect to Google" button, and then "Link your iPhone to google", and then sign into Google.

Nothing will happen if you just install the app on your iphone ...


Jen S McCabe said...

Hi Michael and thanks very much for the comment.

I'd like to speak with you directly regarding my concerns about PHR privacy and "informed consent" during the Google Health connection process.

Please provide your contact information so we can set up a call; I'm available on my iPhone at 301.904.5136.

I won't take much of your time...I've got a specific set of questions, concerns, and suggestions for improvement I'd like to share constructively.